Friday, July 8, 2011


Been kind of obsessing over this game for a while.  Have a lvl 30 account, lvl 12 account, and a lvl 5 that I just started the other day.
Why multiple accounts?  I want to see how good I can keep my w : l ratio.
Servers are down... Really want to play.

Buuuuut I guess I'll just watch some dexter then...

Oh and btw, will post some of my LoL replays possibly with commentary in the near future!

2nd part on its way!

Any critique is happily accepted :)

Another episode of yomamasiad on LOL (will get audio commentary ASAP, working on mic)

PT 1

PT 2

PT 3

PT4 (end)


  1. damn, im waiting for the servers to come back too :)

    i am lvl 22 btw, add me if u want to play some time later my nick is Evilbonder i play on US.

    Also good blog, +follow

  2. I hate when servers go down, just wreaks your day lol

  3. Ahh, I love Dexter. One of the best instant-stream Netflix shows, besides Weeds and Lost.

  4. I found some of these LoL comics online...
    If you guys want to post some LoL comics just let me know. They are just too funny! Will be posting my last match momentarily, possibly without commentary if i can't get my mic to work.

  5. Oh, and the new account on LoL is yomamasaid if you want to add me.

  6. Servers are up now on US at least. I love this game. Just tanked some rating though =/

  7. Added another match!
    If anyone is interested in making LoL comics post a comment on here. I will give you credit for it!