Saturday, July 16, 2011

Video Game Reviews: Student Created Wall-Sized Multi-Touch Star Wars V...

Video Game Reviews: Student Created Wall-Sized Multi-Touch Star Wars V...: "Arthur Nishimoto , a graduate student at the University of Illinois, might have created the greatest unofficial   Star Wars   game in histor..."

Awesome... Just awesome!

Just hit 50 followers today!

Thanks guys!  This has been a great way to  kill my spare time and vent my frustrations!

I love that the premiere date for Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 came out today too!
Today is just a great day all around, can't wait to see that movie!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Portal: The Flash Version - StumbleUpon

Portal: The Flash Version - StumbleUpon

Portal is one of my favorite games! (didn't like 2 too much, was a lot easier) Now i can play portal on a website for HOURS of entertainment... seriously, this flash version of portal should be great for work (suggestion not tested).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

YouTube - ‪Braman Termite & Pest Elimination | New England‬‏

YouTube - ‪Braman Termite & Pest Elimination | New England

I have an interview with these guys today, pays around $13/hr...
I'm gonna go starship trooper ALL OVER THAT SHIZ!
Fingers crossed... need the work!‬‏

'Dark Knight Rises' Gets Apocalyptic-Themed Teaser Poster

'Dark Knight Rises' Gets Apocalyptic-Themed Teaser Poster

Really cannot wait for this movie.
The dark knight was so amazing, I saw it 3 times in theaters because it had blown my mind on such a catastrophic scale.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Champion Spotlight: Leona, the Radiant Dawn | LoL - League of Legends

Champion Spotlight: Leona, the Radiant Dawn | LoL - League of Legends

As much as I love playing/playing against new toons, I'm a little upset that the only type of updates LoL has is champions. When will they release a new map? Would they charge for a new 'map pack' like so many other games do?

What does the general public think? Would you rather have 3 more champions to play as or just 1 new map?

The same old same old 3v3 or 5v5 is getting a little redundant in my opinion.

For your blogging convenience.

If your going to make updates to a system, you should do it right.
Try adding a reaction tab under your posts and tell me how easy it was to find instruction that wasn't outdated.
The only way to find out is clicking around or finding a forum.
This is how to do it.
"The Layout tab has been changed to Design and a lot of the instructions and tutorials have not been updated yet. Click Design, then in the blogposts box click edit.l You will find reactions there."

This plug-in/extension (depending on if you have Firefox or Chrome) is amazing, Especially for the casual blogger. It enables you to view a group of sites that you would normally view in the morning in half the time it takes you now! So, let's say you have a few blogs you check out every morning, with the click of a button you have them all open and ready to view. It just makes the average morning that much better.

Stumbleupon Chrome extension

If we all get this Stumbleupon extension/ plug-in the traffic to our sites could increase drastically.  Think about it for a second;  if you install this extension and start recommending all of the blogs that you follow (and your own) for the topic that is most close to said blog, everyone stumbling has a chance to stumble onto your blog!  They might even follow you after reading your shear brilliance!

If anyone knows how to rearrange your posts after you have already posted, it would be deeply appreciated. if you could share that information.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Been kind of obsessing over this game for a while.  Have a lvl 30 account, lvl 12 account, and a lvl 5 that I just started the other day.
Why multiple accounts?  I want to see how good I can keep my w : l ratio.
Servers are down... Really want to play.

Buuuuut I guess I'll just watch some dexter then...

Oh and btw, will post some of my LoL replays possibly with commentary in the near future!

2nd part on its way!

Any critique is happily accepted :)

Another episode of yomamasiad on LOL (will get audio commentary ASAP, working on mic)

PT 1

PT 2

PT 3

PT4 (end)

terraforming mars

With all of the media coverage over the past decades, mars has become quite a large topic.  Total Recall, Red Planet, My Favorite Martian, etc, etc... which have all lead the general belief to be, "after we're done with earth, we still have mars".
Well what do you think?  Is Mars going to be the next "giant leap" or will the planet be left out in the cold vacuum of space?
I like Dr. Michio Kaku's take on the situation;

pretty new to this

Pretty new to this and I'm kind of scatter minded, so the organization and consistency of this blog may be a little questionable.
Having said that, I hope all of you enjoy reading my blog and speak your mind.
So, here's to my first post!